1. It’s been a roller coaster of a month for little old me. My last month in Australia was full of happiness, excitement, rest, stress, sadness, and joy. Living abroad is such a mad mix of emotions both while you are away from home and when you return. You always feel a little on the outside of both worlds, never feeling like you completely belong in your new land and the same time feeling disconnected from the home you grew up in. This life you lead is often hard to describe to others, really hard. 

    Despite the mix emotions and the not so great things that happened on my trip home, I spent many joyous days soaking up my beloved Australian light and feeling the sand beneath my toes at the beach in the Gold Coast before I came back and devoted many mornings and afternoons to sipping coffee with my girlfriend. 

    I think my favorite times was our trip to Melbourne. Melbourne is great in so many ways, culture, building, people, great coffee.. well, maybe not the weather though. 

    It’s been a month since I came back to Malaysia. A lot of things going on, July should be an great month. 

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